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Review – Sam Chan/Ip Ching – Foundations of Wing Chun

Sam Chan-Ip Ching Foundations of Wing Chun

From a Foshan origin to an international audience, Ip Ching covers the Wing Chun system in a filmed archive seminar. This presentation takes place in his early years of dedicating a full-time schedule to promoting and teaching the fighting art, and he’s accompanied by Sam Chan for demonstration and translation.

The DVD is raw footage, with some equally raw post-mixed audio translation to suit, which will definitely grab the viewer’s attention. The DVD has been transferred from VHS to digital footage with good resolution. Read Full Post

New! Domination Line Wing Chun Swords!

Domination Line - Hybrid 12 440C Blade

Based on the survey of over 160 Sifus in June 2014, we developed a series of swords desired by the words top Wing Chun practitioners. Given the high quality, we have decided to call it them the Domination Line.

These are true combat-grade weapons featuring full exposed tangs, cord wrapped handles, powerful squared D-Guards, perfect balance, straight handles, flipping and trapping ability, top grade weapon steels, and a variety of blade options.

These swords are combat-weight and not for the weak or timid. If you need a sword to Dominate your foe, then this is the choice for you. Only a limited number of each model will be made.

Lets check out a few!
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Review – Sifu Fernandez Lesson 27: Chi Sao: Reactivating Your…

sifu fernandez lesson 27 chi sao reactivating your joints for great chi sao

Reactivating Your Joints for Great Chi Sao is Sifu Fernandez’s 27th Wing Chun University Lesson. Limber up to get ready for a lesson on loosening up as Sifu Fernandez takes a look at not only having proactive, but reactive reflexes to help one unlock Chi Sao’s potential. That sometimes what’s being blocked is not your training partner’s or opponent’s attacks as is the limited reaction of to how to respond to being tied up in the traffic jams of arms and positions of engagement. “How many times do you feel this way and don’t know what to do about it?” he asks. It should be noted that Sifu Fernandez also embraces the potential of digital downloading, as this video presentation comes with the original 2013 piece together with an updated 2014 module.
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Review – Sifu Fernandez – WCU Lesson 20: Multiple Opponents


One of the great features of living in today’s age of technology and virtually immediate information exchange is that it gives us the ability to update and add to that information without reproduction. Sifu Fernandez’s Multiple Opponents module takes full advantage, as part of a digital download product with updated seminar footage addressing the subject matter in this presentation that spans over two years. Six chapters, focusing on everyday domestic experiences and the growing trend of swarming attackers, based on his experiences of working nights in the club/bar industry. Read Full Post

Wing Chun Interview: Sifu Taner


How did you (Sifu Taner) meet Sifu Graziano?

I met Graziano way before we started with our Wing Chun training. It was in 1990 at school. We quickly became close friends. In 1992 Graziano started with Wing Chun training and I joined him two years later.
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