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Review – Alan Orr – Footwork and Power Punching

With a long history of testing his mettle in both canvas and concrete rings, Sifu Alan Orr shares the training methods behind his Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun system that have made it practical, applicable, dynamic and successful.

The presentation of this video’s content is the next best thing to being elbows deep for a training camp cycle that prepares one with the fundamental fighting techniques that are match ready. Lace up, limber up and brace yourselves for the flurry of info thrown at you with one of the United Kingdom’s most established coaches and practitioners. Read Full Post

Review – Sam Chan – Wing Chun Terminology

Any practitioner who is passionate about Wing Chun has a thirst for all of the knowledge that they can withdraw about the system. That desire to learn more about its history, concepts, actions, and applications with their corresponding native terminology and their definitions, promotes a connection to the heritage of the system’s Southern Chinese origins and where it flourished in Hong Kong.

The regional Cantonese language is particular about the right use of tones when pronouncing words and any deviation may change the meaning altogether. Sifu Sam Chan presents the list of relative terms and their English translations in this half-hour video production for the aficionado. Read Full Post

NEW! Sifu Benny Meng’s Book, Unlocking the Wing Chun Code

Grandmaster Benny Meng, curator of the Ving Tsun Museum, has just released his newest book, Unlocking the Wing Chun Code: Six Levels of Reality, Wisdom for Maximum Efficiency in Life!

This book tackles such questions as: How did the martial art of Wing Chun originate? What methodology did the ancient warriors use in their quest for Enlightenment? Did they reach their goal to create a system that can counter all styles with maximum efficiency? What were their improvements to life, to fighting, and to learning? All of these questions, and more and answered within. Read Full Post

How to Overcome the Fear of Losing

Many people often worry about losing, falling down, embarrassment, losing face, being considered weak.

Have you ever thought that losing could be more gratifying than winning? You don’t agree? I understand, it’s pretty hard to imagine, let alone understand.

Here’s an article I wrote that helps you understand the importance of why we need to embrace our failures. Read Full Post

Review – Sifus Taner & Graziano – Baat Cham Dao (BJD) Apps Vol 1/8

One of our customers, George Hernandez, has written another in depth Wing Chun DVD review. This time he watched “Baat Cham Dao (BJD) Apps Vol 1/8 (Application Set 1 GAP-DAO)” By Sifus Taner and Graziano. If you are looking for a DVD to help you study the Butterfly Swords, make sure to read this first!

Lets see what he had to say: Read Full Post

New! Warrior Martial Art’s Wooden Dummy with Corner Stand

Do you want a wall mount dummy for the “spring energy” but can’t mount one where you live? Check out Warrior Martial Art Supply’s new Wooden Dummy with Corner Stand! It is very sturdy and fits nicely into the corner of your room and feels like a wall mount dummy when you train. It is also the most sturdy of all the floor stands and is unique in that it can be mounted to a wall if you desire. Read Full Post