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Buick Yip Swords Given to Mike Tyson at Ip Man 3 Opening

We found this to be interesting. At the opening to the Film, “Ip Man 3”, a pair of swords designed for the Everything Wing Chun site by Buick Yip were given to Mike Tyson and used in demos by Donnie Yen. You can see Buick’s calligraphy on the swords if you look carefully. It says “Wing Chun” on one blade and “Bot Jarm Do” (8-Cut Swords, the name for the butterfly swords) on the other. Read Full Post

Interview – German Ferrer on his Customized Butterfly Swords

We recently made some customized swords for one of our customers, Sifu German Ferrer. Sifu Ferrer was kind enough to take some photos of himself with the swords and we thought it might be a great opportunity to ask him some questions about why he chose the design he did and about the process in general.  His design was a mix of elements we use on the Flagship line of Swords and the Tomb Warrior line of swords. This is what he had to say: Read Full Post

New! Plastic Butterfly Swords for more training options.

Flagship Stabber 12 - Plastic

Looking for a solid pair of beater Butterfly Swords that are tailored to your training needs?

Our new line are cut out of a single, solid piece of high density plastic, which makes them highly durable and gives them a more realistic weight than many plastic swords. They are sturdy enough to be used for sword against sword or sword against pole training. The flagship models make a perfect compliment to our weapons-grade flagship swords.

A lot of people like to spar (lightly) with plastic swords, some people train on the wooden dummy with them, and some just like to have a pair on their desk at work. How will you use your pair?

Lets check out the new swords! Read Full Post

Thoughts on Designing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords

Recently, I was very lucky to sit down and chat with the owner of Modell Designs LLC, Jeffery Modell. Which is the company that helped Everything Wing Chun with the design many of their mid to upper-end Wing Chun Butterfly Swords.

Before I started my conversation with Jeff, I had one main question in mind, “how does one master the art of producing great butterfly swords?”  The journey of learning how to design swords is nothing like I expected.  I originally thought it started with long nights in garage, hammering away at steel and similar metals until you finally figured it out.   It turns out a designer of swords starts out very differently; it starts with the NEED for a good weapon.

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Choosing Wing Chun Butterfly Swords – Part 6 – D-Guards

We will now take a look at the D-Guard (and its components the Quillon and Knuckle-Bow). This is what will allow you to trap weapons, flip your sword, protect your hand, and help you block incoming blows. For the most part the D-Guard is what makes a butterfly sword a butterfly sword. Let’s take a closer look.
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