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WCI Review – Wayne Belonoha – WBVTS – Chi Sau Styles Seminar

The hallmark cornerstone of Wing Chun is, without question, Chi Sau. The system’s unique training method offers one the platform to unlock the potential of structure, technique, and application of developing reflex reactions so that the practitioner may “Understand what strategy to choose and how to apply that to your enemy,” submits the video’s presenter Sifu Wayne Belonoha.

Sifu Belonoha prefaces the presentation’s subject of Chi Sau with specific attention to the balance of activity when one practises the relative techniques with regards to speed, positions and energy dynamics. Further pursuing the, “right amount of… defence and offence, shortrange and long-range, fluid and rigid”, that embodies the pursuits of how Wing Chun is to be applied in adherence to the fundamental tenets and concepts that the system is built upon. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Sifu Fernandez – Body Mechanics & Connective Work

This issue’s reviews are looking at Chi Sau from fundamental concepts, structures and actions to developing dynamic practices that become practical fighting techniques from the ground up.

In this offering, Sifu Fernandez of Wing Tchun Do, the viewing audience is invited to explore the presenter’s insights into the body mechanics and connective work employed when played in practice to heighten awareness of the body’s functions and the potentials that can be developed and unleashed. The digital download platform of this volume is in 1080p, providing a clear picture that provides a virtual attendance over the two-hour runtime that is segmented into three parts. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Darrell Jordan – WVTAA Chow Tze Chuen Interview

To introduce Sifu Chow Tze Chuen is to recognise he was a student of the late Grandmaster Ip Man, beginning his Wing Chun journey with the system’s patriarch in 1955 at the Lee Tat Street school in the Yau Ma Tei district of Hong Kong, through moves to other school locations, until 1962. Several years following the death of Ip Man, Sifu Chow began teaching classes in Hong Kong. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Sifu Taner & Sifu Graziano – 25 – Luk Dim Boon Kwan

The coveted and revered weapons of the Wing Chun system are often a conscious, and subconscious, benchmark that one has attained a level of proficiency with their practice that they’ve been extended the privilege to learn the first weapon of two, the Luk Dim Boon Kwan, the lumbering training implement that heightens one’s practice and conditioning to new lengths either alone or with the support of a training partner to practise the variety of drills and applications. Sifus Taner and Graziano cover the “six-and-ahalf points”, and more, in this well-produced, modern production that has a 100-minute runtime with 1080p resolution. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Darrell Jordan – WVTAA 1995 Paulo Lampis Seminar

Wing Chun video submissions are often presented in a few distinct formats from seminar filmed footage to formatted presentations segmented into chapters of subject context relative to the subject(s) at hand. This offering from Sifu Darrell Jordan, with the featured presenter being Sifu Paulo Lampis, is a departure from those formats with a raw, home video file shot in the residence of whoever is hosting for private training from 1995. The resulting video quality is on the grainier side over the course of what is virtually a non-stop four-hour runtime. Thanks to today’s digital media, it won’t require tedious fast forwarding and/or rewinding of the once staple VHS players from that generation, for the audience to review the content of interest. Read Full Post

WCI Review – Moy Yat – A Trace of Ving Tsun Roots 2

The Moy Yat Family continues to present and re-release in digital format another of their first-generation copy of Sifu Moy Yat’s videos that were originally never intended for commercial release, but solely for relative lineage practitioners from what are candid moments to organised ones. With the domestic release of another volume of archived video, Wing Chun aficionados will enjoy the captured footage of the late Sifu’s moments both in instruction and as a community leader, hoping to continue to inspire and offer context to history and cultural significance to the roots of the system. Read Full Post