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Bruce Bao Long Poles Used at Ip Man 3 Opening

We were pleased to discover that not only were our exclusive Buick Yip swords used at the opening of Ip Man 3 and given to Mike Tyson, but Bruce Bao’s longpoles were also used in that demo!

Long Pole

Long Pole Woods and Other Considerations

When getting a Wing Chun Long Pole (aka the Dragon Pole), there are a few factors to consider. Here are our quick thoughts on things to consider when purchasing a long pole.

  1. Type of Wood
    1. Using it for air and pole work or smash training?
    2. Strength vs flexibility
  2. Thickness and Taper of Pole
  3. Length and Weight
    1. for strength/conditioning training
    2. for precision training
Long Pole

Review of Pole Woods for Smash Training

I had some customers a while back that wanted to use poles for smash training. With this type of training you are smashing the tip of the pole into various objects on the floor very hard and often. (Remember the scene from Warriors Two where they are smashing walnuts?  It is the non-theatrical version of this training).  It is one of the most intense uses of the long pole.

Around that time I had about 20 different poles in my garage, so I was able to fully test these poles for flexibility and strength. This is what I found and how I tested.

Beware Long Pole

Beware Fake Qwan Din (Quan Dim) Poles

We did a recent search on Qwan Din (Quan Dim), and found several companies selling “quan dim” (also seen as “quam din”, and correctly as “qwan din”) poles. In every case these are 100% fake. One of the companies is selling cheap laminate poles for $89.95. We sell the same pole for <$40 and warn people on the site that they are cheap and break easily. This other company touts them as quan dim wood and of excellent quality. Beware. We found at least 3 companies selling fakes, albeit one appears to just be ignorant as to what Quan Dim is because they list it as Quan Dim and Oak on the same page.

“Qwan Din” (“Quan Dim”) originates