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March 2013 coupons

Everything Wing Chun Coupon for 5% off: March5

Digital Giveaway and Coupons:

This month we are also giving away 2 free digital downloads of your choice. To enter, all you need to do is order a digital download (from either EWC Instant Access or the Wing Chun University) before midnight March 31st 2013 using a 5% off coupon! Every purchase is an extra chance to win. The winner (drawn at random from all participants) will get 2 free downloads!

Coupon for EWC Instant Access: march5
Coupon for Wing Chun University: wcu-march5

End-Date for all coupons is March 31st, 2013.  They can be used multiple times, but not in combo with another coupon.

Reward Points

I’ve noticed not many people are using their reward points; so I feel obliged to bring it to your notice again. This is just a little extra bonus we throw in that is great for people that made a lot of purchases over time. Read Full Post