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WCI Review – Tony Massengill – Chin Na

Breaking from standard Wing Chun presentations, Sifu Tony Massengill attacks the joints point by point to expand one’s martial arts arsenal with Chin Na, “which is the Chinese art of capture, control and destruction.” It is a concise look at engaging an opponent through exercising skeletal manipulation of one’s opponent, not only to immobilise, but also to render any opportunity of recovery or counter measures ineffective. Lock down 45 minutes to set into a thorough and detailed video offering that anyone from a novice to an experienced practitioner will appreciate.

Sifu Massengill does well to articulate all details that not only go into creating and employing the varying joint locks, but addressing the essentials required to make them most effective in an array of engaging scenarios with an attacker. Read Full Post

Review – Tony Massengill – Wing Chun Training Drills

With a career spanning decades as a first-line respondent as a police officer, fire fighter and paramedic, Sifu Tony Massengill translates a dynamic career paralleled with decades of martial arts experience into a fast moving DVD showcasing his Ip Man Wing Chun. In this video installment, he offers “drills designed to develop conditioned reflex,” with the hopes of conditioning the viewing practitioner toward having a more reactive response when applied. Read Full Post

Review – Tony Massengill’s Instructors Series: Siu Lim Tao DVD 1

What It’s About:
Instruction in this DVD is presented by Master Tony Massengill, demonstrating Wing Chun’s first form known as Siu Lim Tao.

Siu Lim Tao establishes the foundation for practice and application of technique in the Wing Chun system. It’s basic, but without proper training in Siu Lim Tao, the other two forms which follow would become weak and lack power in its applications. Master Massengill, in this DVD gives a thorough presentation on the fundamentals of Wing Chun’s first form. Read Full Post

Review – Tony Massengill’s Close Range Combat DVD

What It’s About:
Sifu Massengill presents applications of the close range fighting techniques of the Wing Chun Kung-fu system.

If you’re looking for a DVD that demonstrates genuine Wing Chun Kung-Fu technique, then this is the video for you. The production is excellent and Sifu Massengill presents the material expertly. In this DVD as in others, Massengill maintains the philosophy that the sport martial art environment is quite different from the street. So attitude and application is indeed quite different in situations from the Kwoon or School. Read Full Post

Review – Tony Massengill’s Wing Chun Training Drills DVD

What It’s About:
Sifu Tony Massengill presents Wing Chun training drills to develop conditioned reflexes for combat.

Before you can apply close range technique in a fighting situation one must drill properly in order to make it work. Sifu Massengill presents superbly, the basics in performing the drills associated with close range fighting in the Wing Chun system. Read Full Post