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Review – Sifu Sergio – 1st Section Chi Sao Part 1

WCI Review - Sergio CS1

Sifu Sergio invites you to be a virtual class participant in this installment of his Ip Man Wing Chun Series. There is a lot of information provided in this nearly forty minute DVD—the short run time turns into a piece of reference material that will find you pausing and reviewing repeatedly to make his system work for you.

After a short introduction and prelude to the DVD’s training content, Sifu Sergio gets right to the Chi Sao lessons through basic attack actions with the complimenting footwork and the simple lines that the practitioner would need to recognize to employ the actions according to the drill.

Basic actions such as Taan Sao, Bong Sao, Pak Sao, and Fook Sao to develop the effective, “transfer of force” takes the spotlight through footwork and coordination. This sets the tone for each drill to follow with Sifu Sergio’s emphasis on how to practice, execute, and see the properties of the hand actions come to life to their potential. Read Full Post

Sifu Tyler Rea: Lee Bing Choi Linage interview

After watching one of Sifu Tyler Rea’s videos about Lee Bing Choi Linage Chi Sau, I found
myself asking a lot of questions.   If you are unfamiliar with the style, this type of Chi Sau is nothing like “traditional Ip Man” Chi Sau.  If anything, it looks more like Tai Chi Push hands with Wing Chun shapes.

Our response?

We contacted him, asked a bunch of questions, and decided to share his answers with you! Read Full Post

Chi Sau: A Comparison of 4 Lineages

With thousands if not millions of Wing Chun practitioners around the world, it is impossible that every single person fights the same way or uses the same methods to study Chi Sau.  Which lead us to wonder, how do other styles of Wing Chun train Chi Sau?

The goal of this article is to briefly investigate how a handful of lineages of Chi Sau. Clearly there are MUCH more out there, we happened to pick four. Read Full Post

Review – Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection

sifu chuck

As someone who is a Wing Chun fanatic, I am always looking for good DVDs about Wing Chun Chi Sau.  Which is why I decided to get the Sifu Chuck O’Neill – Chi Sau Collection. He breaks down Chi Sau in a really clear and easy to understand format.  He speaks to you like you are a normal person, taking you a long step by step.  He also wears different color wristbands to help you determine what is going on. Read Full Post

Review – Sifus Taner and Graziano – Chi Sao Section 1

First impressions of this DVD are a bit amateurish, mainly because of the one camera recording and lack of editing. But, as I sat back and began to take note of the material being taught, I instantly changed my mind.

Taner and Graziano have recorded a DVD that is jam-packed with details, so no more demonstrations that you just simply follow along blind. What you get is fine points on structure, position and application—all delivered mainly by Sifu Taner with Sifu Graziano chipping in with some excellent key points. Naturally, we get a break down of Bong, Tan and Fook Sao, but with emphasis on feeling, forces, and correct hit lines, coupled with information on when, why and where to use these techniques. And, they are also keen to explain that this is only how they do Wing Chun, which shows great humility. Read Full Post